Text File Joiner

Quickly join multiple text files with this small portable app. Optionally, you can now choose to separate each file with a space, or even append the name of the file the data is from.


Screenshot Backdrop


Quickly create a background for your screenshots out of a color or image. This little 30kb freeware app runs quickly, and requires no installation. I personally use this so screenshots of my apps dont require me changing my wallpaper.

Right click on the background, and you can quickly choose a image and its display mode, or a basic color.

Cluster Size Calculator


Calculate optimal disk cluster size with Cluster Size Calculator! Cluster Size Calc allows you to scan files and folders and compare their efficiency in a variety of [[data cluster]] sizes. This works great if you have a folder (and subfolders) of files that will be moved to a new drive. It will help you determine what cluster size to use on that HDD in order to use the least amount of clusters (indexes), and waste the least amount of space.

For many of us with collections of pictures, audio, and video, the commonly chosen cluster size (or even default) is not the prime cluster size. This utility helps you figure out what is right for you.

Calculates clusters sized from 512 bytes to 32 MB – the cluster sizes in FAT, NTFS, and exFAT.

This program is considered ‘portable’.  Just download it and run it, no installation is required. However the systems that run it will require at least 2.0 of the .NET Framework (if you have XP or Vista or 7 you likely have this).

Image Auto Saver


Browser Image Auto Saver allows you to automatically save images as they appear in your browser. You simply specify criteria – file size or dimension minimums – and images that match are saved to a folder of your choice. Saved files naming scheme can be customized, so there is never trouble with duplicate names. Saves a load of time for people who save alot of images, or to bypass websites who attempt to block the option to download and save images.

If you can see the image in your browser, then Browser Image Auto Saver can save it!


With Fast Folder.JPG you can easily assign any image you choose to the covers of your folders. Drag and drop an image, or a folder containing multiple images, into Fast Folder.JPG to create a folder.jpg image -an image that changes the default look of folders, replacing it with a picture. The image you select is automatically resized and named, leaving the original image intact.

If a single image is dragged and dropped into Fast Folder JPG it is used as that folders image. If a folder is dropped into the application containing only one image, that image is used. If a folder containing multiple images is dropped into the application, you will be presented with a selection dialog containing previews of every image. Simply click the one you want to use as your folder’s jpg. This application streamlines the folder.jpg creation process.

**I have finally had the opportunity to test out Fast Folder.JPG on Windows 7. The program works, but if you are migrating folders with Folder.JPG images made on a earlier OS, you must delete some files creates by the system in those folders. In your music folder (or wherever your music folders are stored) do a search for Thumbs.db and delete them all. Then, do a search for Desktop.ini and delete them all. Both of these files are within each music folder you created a Folder.JPG for. These files may be hidden, so you may need to go into the folder options and view hidden files. Once you delete these files, the thumbnails in explorer for those folders will be regenerated to the Windows 7 specifications. There will be a update soon offering a solution to this problem, but this is a temporary manual fix for those of you on Windows 7.


Quick Remind Me! allows you to set reminders. “Remind me in”, “or remind me at” allow you to be reminded how you want to be! You can also add notes to your reminders. This version is free, but soon there may be a “Pro” version available.