My last host was a real pain. Half the time someone tried to access the website it just wouldn’t work. The half the time it did work, I was hit with suspensions for ‘high resource usage’. I am at a new free host, but hopefully, this host has more resources and can handle a fairly low traffic site such as

This time I hope to spend even less time messing with website settings. I want a simple way to post apps, and get/respond to feedback. Thats it. The less time I need to spend on configurations, php, css, and html the better.

All that said, I have 3 exciting new programs I will be releasing soon. Each one was a large project, and none of them are finished 100%. Two of them specialize in working with images, and the third specializes in video. I will be posting BETAs for free, but I hope that every one of these applications will eventually become shareware or donationware.

I would love for some of you who use the betas (once released) to give me feedback, ideas, tips, and bug reports to help make them as good as can be. I want to catch all obvious bugs, but once the programs are in a state where I can use them without encountering errors, I will post them here so the community can help. One tester on a program (myself) can often get tunnel vision on features and miss things, so that’s where you all come in.

These 3 applications I have been putting a few hours a day into. One of them is the 3rd version of a program I first made about 7 years ago, and the other two are utilities myself and my wife needed that I know many of you also need.

Check back soon for updates.


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  1. GL! Hopefully your new host works out for ya.

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