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New Application: SampleSort

SampleSort Screenshot

Main Interface

SampleSort allows you to manage your chopped WAV samples with ease. Categorize your samples into virtual folders, real folders, and export sample packs. Preview samples looped, and easily modify the program to work with any audio application you use.

Allowing you to work in virtual groups, SampleSort allows you to keep track of your samples without modifying their actual location on your hard drive. Mark samples as ‘used’ to hide them from view, and change the name of samples virtually to set a file name that is adopted when you export those samples.

SampleSort has been long in development and was made available for a short time a few years ago. I will finally provide this link to a  version with updatability, and I will begin development on it again.

Click here to visit the SampleSort page and download the SampleSort BETA now.


New Application: Grab Random Pics

Grab Random Pics Screenshot

Main Interface

Need to grab random pictures from a directory? Grab Random Pics allows you to specify a folder, and then grab randomized photos from that group. You can grab single photos, or multiple photos at once. Grabbed images can then be copied to a new location.

Grab Random Pics is freeware and available now for download only from!

Yes, another version of!

My last host was a real pain. Half the time someone tried to access the website it just wouldn’t work. The half the time it did work, I was hit with suspensions for ‘high resource usage’. I am at a new free host, but hopefully, this host has more resources and can handle a fairly low traffic site such as

This time I hope to spend even less time messing with website settings. I want a simple way to post apps, and get/respond to feedback. Thats it. The less time I need to spend on configurations, php, css, and html the better.

All that said, I have 3 exciting new programs I will be releasing soon. Each one was a large project, and none of them are finished 100%. Two of them specialize in working with images, and the third specializes in video. I will be posting BETAs for free, but I hope that every one of these applications will eventually become shareware or donationware.

I would love for some of you who use the betas (once released) to give me feedback, ideas, tips, and bug reports to help make them as good as can be. I want to catch all obvious bugs, but once the programs are in a state where I can use them without encountering errors, I will post them here so the community can help. One tester on a program (myself) can often get tunnel vision on features and miss things, so that’s where you all come in.

These 3 applications I have been putting a few hours a day into. One of them is the 3rd version of a program I first made about 7 years ago, and the other two are utilities myself and my wife needed that I know many of you also need.

Check back soon for updates.