Fast Empty Folder Finder will quickly find empty folders, show you a preview of its contents (for safety), and give you the option to delete those folders. A simple-to-use program that can save a load of time. The latest version includes a built in updater and now comes in a installer allowing you to create shortcuts in your start menu.


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  1. Very nice! Have just used it and it worked well for me on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    Thank you!

  2. Wonderful results. Really helped clean up my music collection. Thanks!!

  3. good job

  4. Very helpful time saver A+

  5. Hey, freeware that actually works and works well..Win 7 x64. Thanks.

  6. Seems to work reasonably fast but when I try to remove a scan path it crashes with an error saying -1 is invalid index. Also it finds two strange folders F:\Windows\assembly\tmp and F:\Windows\assembly\temp. When I click on them I get an error saying ‘Can’t open…’ and one of the reasons given is that I am not connected to the Internet. This is the same message received when in a browser. If I open it in Windows Explorer, my Documents folder is displayed.

    *I am running W7 x64 with SP1 and all updates.

    • Interesting bug. I will fix the crash when removing a scan path right away. I am unsure if I can do anything about the 2 strange folders since I don’t have Windows 7 yet to test this software. What I can do is block those specific folders (Windows\assembly\tmp & temp) from showing up in the scan (if they turn out to be some critical folders), or for the time being you can add them to the exclusions list. The message you get about being connected to the internet while attempting to preview them in explorer is a odd one. The control used to display explorer is in fact a ‘web browser’ control based on the IE control, which when directed to a folder path acts as Explorer. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the internet so long as that folder is local and not something that is network connected. Maybe the W7 file system references web addresses as local folders or something, so when you try to access the tmp and temp folder it is really trying to connect to some external resource.

      I will look into it and post a update. I have a big video related project I will be releasing this week, but crash issues take priority. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Posted update The location dialog crash issue is fixed, and so is the issue with those temporary folders in Windows 7.

  8. Quick work, thanks. For more information on the tmp and temp folders (.NET Framework) please see here: It is not a big deal, but I am curious how you ‘fixed’ tmp/temp issue. I tried and it indeed does not crash, but if I only remove a path and close FEFF, then the path is still there when I open it again. But again, no big deal. To get around the no W7 system problem, I suggest VMware Player. It is free and you can create a VM of most any kind (do need a source but no new HW) and run you applications. I use it for all my testing. BTW, I am local only no network files/folders. Thanks, John.

    • I fixed the empty scan location list with just a few lines of code. I had made a clear list function that dealt with saving the empty list, but only implemented the remove button in the interface, which for some reason, was set to not the scan locations if the list was empty.

      The fix for the tmp temp folder issue was a quick but far from perfect one. I simply added a internal exclusion for temporary folders for the time being. I figure the worst case scenario is a few empty folders go unrecognized, or, they are left for some other software that is focused on cleaning temp files. After reading a bit about those folders from the link you provided, the solution to simply exclude them may not be so bad after all.

      Thanks for the feedback John!

      Here goes another version. Added a drag & drop feature to the main window (drop to scan), and fixed a few more issues. Version posted.

  9. thanks you very much .hihihi

  10. Davis, it looks like the whole assembly folder is weird! I am not sure this is a W7 problem alone but it may be. For the fun of it, I brought up an XP Pro (32 Bit) under VM, installed .NET 4 and tried to run your program. I got ‘Unable to find a version of runtime to run this application’ message from .NET. I have nothing install on this VM but SP3 and .NET 4. On my W7 x64 system I run only .NET 4, but have many more things install such as Visual C++. I will not play with XP Pro any more, but I have run FEFF on my XP x64 HW with no problems. It has older .NET versions (maybe all but 4). There is an assembly folder but it is in Windows\Microsoft.NET folder. It does not seem as strange as the one on W7. I know that W7 has much more protections/permissions type stuff than XP and that may the crux of the problem. One funny thing (W7) is I cannot find the tmp or temp folders with Windows Explorer but can with the DIR command and a search program called Agent Ransack. Have fun, John.

    • FEFF’s target framework is NET 2.0. This may be something I need to update, which would be easy, if I found that most systems had a newer version of the framework. I think every program here has the target framework of 2.0 other than the video project im working on which is 4.0.

      I thought that the framework was backwards compatible, in other words, using NET 2.0 would ensure compatibility on the most machines, even those which have the latest version. Apparently they are ‘side by side’ compatible, but each framework must be installed. So then it becomes a matter of framework size vs number of PCs with that framework already installed. (I know 2.0 was an automatic update for XP) Obviously I don’t want someone to be required to make a 50MB+ download for a 30KB app to run.

      I believe 3 and 3.5 is a expanded version of 2, but 4 is a completely separate framework. Ahh, headaches.

    • Tell you what, it wouldn’t be that hard for me to compile multiple versions, targeted for 2, 3.5, and 4.

  11. Davis, I assume you are aware that your site is often ‘temporarily unavailable’ or even the wrong site.

    • Yes, my free webhost likes to ban me (automatically) every few days for ‘resource abuse’. All I need to do is click a few links to unban myself, but its a matter of catching it before too many people visit the site and get some bogus page telling them the sites been banned or is temporarily unavailable. I probably wont get a new and more reliable host until I come up with a program worth trying to sell.

  12. Didn’t work for me. I’ve got a ton of empty folders in My Music, and it only came up with two. I set explorer to show hidden files, and it still seems that hundreds of these folders are empty, but don’t show up in the scan.

    • Let me know what version of windows your using. Are you the Admin account? Also, try to scan again because sometimes nested directories are not picked up in the first scan. If a folder is hidden or visible shouldn’t be a issue, they should all be detected.

  13. era linik said:

    Thanks for the “empty folders” application.
    Any means to export the results screen to a format that can be managed/manipulated (excel, csv)?

    Thanks again – Era

    • Since the program is pretty popular I will look into the option to export to one of those formats. Check back in one of the future updates.

  14. I’m using Windows 7 64-bit. I am the main user and admin, though I’m not logged in to the system account titled “Administrator” (that whole thing gets a little confusing).

    I tried scanning a few times over, still didn’t get anything. The first time I scanned it did find a whole bunch of temp album art folders that were hidden. I don’t know what that was about. Deleted them. But the main reason for the app still not working for me.

    • None of these programs are tested on Windows 7 or even any 64bit system. Finding those temp album art folders that were hidden is the intended result, but if it’s missing empty folders on your system then it may be a issue with Windows 7. Sorry for that issue but there’s not much I can do until I get a Win7 system and can reproduce the issue for myself. Hopefully a newer version will work better for you.

  15. Davis and orlandob,

    As per my first post, I ran this successfully on my Win 7 x64 PC. I do have “Administrator” privileges on my username but am not logged on as the Administrator.

    It did clear out my empty folders my iTunes and album art folders directories successfully. I can try running it again sometime today.

  16. I have just FEFF on my Win 7 x64 PC. It found a lot of iTune Album Artwork that I deleted. So that seemed to work OK. Before I ran FEFF, I did not find that any of those Artwork folders were hidden folders though (and I looked at all levels).

    I did get a number of dailogs about directories needing Administrator access to delete. My options were Try Again or Cancel. I should not be getting these dialogs as I am an Administrator. I had to Cancel each time as Try Again just brought the dialog box back up.

  17. Very nice. Thanks

  18. Cool program. But it needs the ability to exclude empty subfolders. i.e. if a folder called BOB has no files in it, but does have some subfolders… all of which also contain 0 files… I would like the program to be able to just report the root folder as being empty instead of reporting each individual empty subfolder.

    • Travis, I am working on a update and I may include a option for this. If I do, the folder in the list will have some notification that there are subfolders. For example “C:\BOB\ {with 2 empty subfolders}. ”

      My concern is that there is the chance some people would want to keep one or more of those empty sub folders – I don’t want to have any folders deleted that the user hasn’t specifically chosen to be deleted.

      I think the route I may take in a update would be the option to view the results as a ‘tree’ instead of the current list. This would allow you to delete all sub folders of a empty folders at once, but still offer the chance to expand it and be more specific with what you want deleted.

      Thanks for the recommendations everyone! There will be a update and some new apps soon.

  19. very nice tool !!! works with win 7 64Bit 🙂

  20. need a ‘select all’ option, i have 1000+ empty folders, have to check one by one

    really good idea/product, needs another version upgrade with mentioned enhancements

    • need a ‘select all’ option, i have 1000+ empty folders, have to check one by one
      really good idea/product, needs another version upgrade with mentioned enhancements

      The option is already there and accessible by the icons to the left of the program, below the choose locations button. The first icon that looks like a list offers the option to select all, none, remove, and import/export the list. A few people have asked about this so far so in the next update I will be including labels on those buttons and possibly documentation. I may also add the option to the right click menu.

  21. Hi,
    nice program, but not very fast.
    It takes about 1 h to delete 5.000 files.
    I tried it on a server with 500.000 files and it lasted for several days ?

    Cheers Flinxx

    • Its odd that it took so long. Normally, for most home users, the scan can and removal can be done in just a few minutes. To be honest, I had not tested the program with so many directories, or really had it in mind to be used on servers.

      I created a test, generating 5,000 empty folders in various areas and deleting them took under 2 minutes on my system. But as always, speed improvements can be made. I am looking into a few alternative delete methods and I will post a update once I find any meaningful improvements. One thing in mind, that would definitely increase the deletion speed, is not too ‘user friendly’ for most users but would delete folders almost immediately while bypassing the recycle bin.

      After the update it would be a great help if you check back and let me know if there was noticeable speed improvements after these changes. I will probably release a version 2.5 within the next week, which will include these speed improvements.

  22. King Moussette said:

    You really helped me! Thank yoU!

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