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With Fast Folder.JPG you can easily assign any image you choose to the covers of your folders. Drag and drop an image, or a folder containing multiple images, into Fast Folder.JPG to create a folder.jpg image -an image that changes the default look of folders, replacing it with a picture. The image you select is automatically resized and named, leaving the original image intact.

If a single image is dragged and dropped into Fast Folder JPG it is used as that folders image. If a folder is dropped into the application containing only one image, that image is used. If a folder containing multiple images is dropped into the application, you will be presented with a selection dialog containing previews of every image. Simply click the one you want to use as your folder’s jpg. This application streamlines the folder.jpg creation process.

**I have finally had the opportunity to test out Fast Folder.JPG on Windows 7. The program works, but if you are migrating folders with Folder.JPG images made on a earlier OS, you must delete some files creates by the system in those folders. In your music folder (or wherever your music folders are stored) do a search for Thumbs.db and delete them all. Then, do a search for Desktop.ini and delete them all. Both of these files are within each music folder you created a Folder.JPG for. These files may be hidden, so you may need to go into the folder options and view hidden files. Once you delete these files, the thumbnails in explorer for those folders will be regenerated to the Windows 7 specifications. There will be a update soon offering a solution to this problem, but this is a temporary manual fix for those of you on Windows 7.


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  1. FYI. Didn’t work for me on Win 7 x64 (Version 6.1 Build 7600). It renamed the image to folder.jpg but did not nothing else.

    • I am currently working on a new version that will handle the new process and be backwards compatible for those of us with still using XP or Vista. I don’t have a Windows 7 system, so development may take a bit longer since I will need to collaborate with testers. Check back in a week or two for a new version.

  2. Auto updater continuous runs upon program completion. Will not update automatically or manually. This is the error:

    An error has occurred during download: Value of ‘-1’ is not valid for ‘Maximum’. ‘Maximum’ must be greater than or equal to 0. Parameter name:Maximum Please try again later…

  3. Temporarily renamed the Update folder to NO_Update and the program continues to work without trying to auto update. (Note: after renaming folder, and running the application, the application did display a pop-up with error, but after click ok one time it continues to work)

    • Rick, I recommend you update to the latest version. The updater has been removed, and I opted to go with manual updating. The updater connects to my old site and does not access the latest version, but instead a never-updated version of the program. But thank you for taking the time to report the error.

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