Image Auto Saver


Browser Image Auto Saver allows you to automatically save images as they appear in your browser. You simply specify criteria – file size or dimension minimums – and images that match are saved to a folder of your choice. Saved files naming scheme can be customized, so there is never trouble with duplicate names. Saves a load of time for people who save alot of images, or to bypass websites who attempt to block the option to download and save images.

If you can see the image in your browser, then Browser Image Auto Saver can save it!


Comments on: "Image Auto Saver" (2)

  1. Does not work in WinXP. Nothing saved.

  2. You need to click Paths > Use Cache Finding Utility > Select your main drive > Press Start, and then use your web browser. You will see the files created by it appear in the discovered item activity list. From there, select your cache folder, and press ‘Set As Watch Path’.

    Once you do that, it will remember your settings and the application will work. But right off the bat, its not configured to know where your cache is.

    I may update this application soon to not only be portable, but to also to detect and utilize all and any cache it finds that may belong to any of the mainstream browsers. But for now, manual configuration is required.

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